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Welcome to Through Woven Glass, a rainbow legacy that will go ten generations. I hope you enjoy this legacy!

PLEASE REMEMBER that things MIGHT NOT be resolved away. There will be things that won’t be resolved for another chapter or ten chapters or even a generation or two! If you like the type of story where everyone makes up right away or talks about their feelings or some sort of ‘Full House’ ending every couple of chapters, this is not the story for you.



Currently we are at Generation One – Chapter Ten

Now a couple things to note.

1. The surname may change throughout the gens. I’m not sure. It will probably stay as ‘Glass’ but it also might change. Currently it is: Glass.

2. This will be rated PG13/mature. There will be some adult things including sex, violence, language, and dark plot lines. I will warn before a chapter if there is particularly explicit sex scenes or violence involved in the chapter so you can skip it if you want. If you’re uncomfortable with any of this and don’t want to read, that’s fine.


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